Me Hi Jeff, nice to meet you and welcome to the world’s greatest Football Club. How do you feel about being part of such a big idea?

Jeff Wow! It's a dream coming true. I'm very excited to get out there and play. Does this mean I'll need to do medical tests though?

Me Why did you choose Essen, there are rumours other competitors have had some serious interest as well?

Jeff That's easy, Essen is just the best choice. Such a nice club, good setup, good tables, great people... The other teams tried to convince me with money. Essen is the only team that lives with the spirit of snooker. I love it 😊

Me What are your goals for the next season?

Jeff The team goal is obviously to win the Bundesliga. We're definitely one of the favourite teams now and highly motivated to win the championship!

Me What about your teammates – have you ever heard of them?

Jeff Steve is a storyteller 😝 He told me everything about them. I know my teammates, saw them at some tournaments before but never quite met them. I'm sure we will have a good connection and team spirit.

Me What do you think about the Snooker family in the Netherlands, is it comparable to Germany?

Jeff I'm not very familiar with snooker in the Netherlands, but as for Belgium I think there is a good friendship between most of the players. There are exceptions of course which is also beneficial to the competitiveness of the sport. I believe the German Snooker population is similar. A lot of people love snooker and that's great to experience.

Me Could you please give our fans a closer insight to you as a human being? Where do you live and why do you live there?

Jeff I live in Schilde, near Antwerp in Belgium. Always lived here since I was born. It's a really nice, normal kind of town. As for me, I'm fascinated by all kinds of sports. I used to play football, very much enjoy running, swimming, playing tennis, basketball, table tennis and many others. I'm more of a background person, but very alert and focused.

Me What is your favourite color?

Jeff Blue.

Me What animals do you like?

Jeff I like dogs and cats, to be around. Lions, tigers etc. are really cool too.

Me If you were an animal, which one?

Jeff I'd love to be a lion. "Leader of the pack". That doesn't represent my personality though 😝

Me What’s your favourite food?

Jeff I like all food. I can't really name a favourite. There are some things that I like most but this changes every once in a while.

Me ...and your favourite spirit?

Jeff My dad is a great fan of Gin, I suppose it's in my genes to like it, too 😝 A Gin-Tonic will always make me happy 😃

Me Do you support any local football team?

Jeff I used to support Club Brugge in Belgium, simply because I knew one of the players personally when I was young (at the time I played football). In recent years though I don't really have a preference, I just like to watch good teams.

Me What do you choose: left or right?

Jeff I like this question. Thinking snooker, left handed players are usually more naturally talented (E.g. Judd Trump, Thepchaiya Un-Nooh...), while right handed players are often the solid ones and good thinkers. I think I'll stick to right 😊

Me What is your favourite Icelandic Death Metal Band?

Jeff Hmm... Is Lordi a Death Metal Band, them who won the Eurosong a while ago, or was that Finland? 😝 I'm not really into Death Metal sadly 😞

Me Where do you like to go on vacancy?

Jeff I like to visit great monuments, for example visiting the Great Wall of China was an incredible experience. The seven world wonders are definitely on my bucket list. I don't often go on holiday though, usually when I travel it's for snooker 😝 Essen is definitely one of my favorite destinations!

Me When will you play in the Crucible Theatre first time?

Jeff In 2021. And win the tournament as well 😝 Would I be the first debutant to win the world championship in the crucible? Hmm.. Interesting.

Me The final question: have you ever played Snooker before?

Jeff Too much 😝 Sometimes it feels that way. Playing in great places like Essen makes my snooker heart beat a bit faster though 😊

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