Steve Lambrechts          

Nickname:                              The “AcueRocket’

Age:                                      47          

lives:                                      Merksem - Antwerpen

Job/ Profession:                      Transportplanner

Plays for Essen in:                    Bundesliga

Highbreak  Training:                 135

Highbreak Match:                     134

Greatest success in Snooker:     Finishing 6th in the Belgian Ranking 2016 after 30 years best result ever. Also Runner-Up Belgian Ch. U40 in 2014

Mission Statement:                   It’s never over until it’s really over         


Me: Hi Steve, nice to meet you! Who are you, where do you live and how do you do?

He: Hi nice to meet you ! I’m a snooker freak living in Merksem-Antwerpen and I’m doing fine.

Me: You are as almost three times as old as your teammates are: do you think you could have a positive impact on them?

He: Off course I can bring 30 years competitive snooker experience in the team ! As I am a real team person I can make sure we do the business when needed and have fun for sure when needed to J. Always ready to help out en talk about anything.

Me: Especially on Jan and Roman? PLEASE…

He: Obviously both are top players in Germany , maybe I have to look out a bit that they don’t drink to much J , although Roman maybe needs it to perform J. No serious , both top players and top guys so no worries for me.

Me: What is your favourite color?

He: Red

Me: What is your favorite food?

He: Chinees food

Me: What kind of alcoholic drink do you prefer?

He: Don’t drink alcohol , maybe 5 glasses a year. But a Sangria in the summer or Irish Coffe in the winter is pretty good.

Me: What kind of music do you like?

He: EDM / Trance / Hardstyle (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike / Nervo / Timmy Trumpet / Zatox / Brennan Heart / Armin Van Buuren for sure you will hear in my car )

Me: What are your goals for the next season?

He: Winning the German and Belgian championship teams ; would be a great double. Ind. Like last seasons winning 3 tot 5 tourneys would be great.

Me: Do you have any idols in Snooker?

He: Pro’s : Ronnie O’Sullivan & Jimmy White . Germany : Roman and Belgium : Jeff. Both guys are really the best you can ask for as a team member and also as a person.

Me: If you were allowed to choose: Snooker-Pro or Golf-Pro?

He: Golf-pro . Surprising answer not ? I think at my age still possible to learn this and keep playing . It’s been years that I’m dreaming of playing this game once. Thnx for the interview. I would like to add one more thing. Our club is really the closest you can get to family. Thnx to many great persons and the lovely mutti Silja this is possible. Huge respect for our mutti and other people involved. One thing is for sure , as long that they want me to play for Essen , I will do it , great vibrations in this place. Feels like coming home every single time…