Roy Stolk
Age:                                 37
lives:                                  Zeist
Job/ Profession:                  Factory
Plays for Essen in:                Bundesliga
Highbreak Training:              147
Highbreak Match:                147
Biggest success in Snooker:  Dutch champion 4 times 2nd European championships
Mission Statement:


Me: Hi Roy, nice to meet you and welcome to the world’s greatest Football Club. How do you feel about being part of such a big idea?
He: I am looking forward to play for Essen

Me: Why did you chose Essen, there are rumors other competitors have had some serious interest as well?
He: Because i think its a nice club with nice people

Me: What are your goals for the next season?
He: To play wel and win as many games and hopefuly we are at the top off the end off the season

Me: What about your teammates – have you ever heard of them?
He: I know a few and the are very kind

Me: What do you think about the Snooker family in France, is it comparable to Germany?
He: I know a few player over there and are very nice people

Me: Could you please give our fan a closer insight to you as a human being? Where do you live and why do live there?
He: I live in Zeist and because i like it there

Me: What is your favorite color?
He:  black

Me: What animals do you like?
He:  Dogs

Me: If you were an animal, which one?
He:  dog

Me: What’s your favorite food?
He:  Italian

Me:  ..and your favorite spirit?
He:  beer

Me: Do you support any local football team?
He:  ajax

Me: What do you choose: left or right?
He:  Left

Me: What is your favorite Icelandic Death Metal Band?
He:  Too many 😂😂

Me: Where do you like to go on vacancy?
He: as long as nu family is there and a bit of sun

Me: When will you play in the Crucible Theatre first time?
He: 2030

Me: The final question: have you ever played Snooker before?
He: only a few times but i am a fast learner 😁😁