Volker Grigo

aka Stadtschreiber

Alter: 44

wohnt in: Bochum

Beruf: Dipl. Psychologe

spielt für Essen in der: Oberliga

Highbreak  Training: 49

Highbreak Match: 58

größter sportlicher Erfolg: Top 64 German-Snooker-Open (2015), GST No. 45 (2015)

Mission Statement: "Nie wieder! Ich spiele nie wieder Snooker! Dieser Scheißsport!!!“


Frage, die ich hören möchte:    

Hi Volker, thanks for having an interview with Time Magazin! One of your forefathers has invented Snooker, so I have one question: why are there just six colours?


Well, my Grandfather has invented Snooker when he was a young and an unexperienced soldier in the Queen’s Armed Forces down in India, so please don‘t be too hard in your judgement 😊 There are rumors that in the old family’s chronicles there are pages that contain the very early Snooker Rules: 15 reds and eight colours – one between the Blue and Pink, Orange, counted 8 Points, and one Imagenary Ball, Crystal, counted 25 Points. But the problem was, that every time one player claimed potting this Imagenary Ball, the other couldn’t confirm – so it was the beginning of some endless discussions and maybe some serious conflict. I mean, they all were young fellows and well armed at that time - and they were good in shooting. Maybe some casualties of these time may go back to Snooker questions of whether they have potted this legendary Imagenary Ball or not. No one knows, because no one has ever seen this ball – but this doesn‘t proove its non-existance…